New Hydraulic Downstroking Press Brakes

New Hydraulic press brakes

Standard Equipment and Features

The hydraulic press brake is an all steel welded mono-block constructed and includes the following;

  • CE Certified including Infra Red Guarding & Side and Rear Mechanical Safety Guards with interlock switches
  • Adjustable Mechanical Cams to set the Upper Position & Work Speed Change Point
  • Ram Synchronization during the stroke is controlled by a Solid Mechanical Torque Bar
  • Quick Release System Intermediate Upper Clamping with anti-wedges
  • Full Length Top and Bottom Tools
  • Motorized Backgauge with a travel 0 – 600mm including 2 off Tiltable Finger Blocks
  • Motorized setting of Mechanical Depth Stops incorporated above the cylinders
  • 2 off Front Sheet Support Arms with tilting stops
  • Hydraulic and Electric overload protection
  • Movable Foot Pedal control, Instructions and Maintenance Manuals
  • Oil Tank
  • Service Kit

Machine painted in light grey – dark grey and yellow.

Hyrdaulic press brake control panelThe pendant control panel is conveniently located at the right-hand side of the machine in the immediate reach of the operator and has the following features;

  • Key switch on-off
  • Motor Start-Stop, Emergency Stop
  • Selector switch for Single or Auto cycle operation of the beam
  • E 200 Control System allowing X and Y programming – 40 programmes each holding 25 steps – Stroke Counter

Sample Prices 2020

3 Years Full Warranty on all Hydraulic Press Brakes

  •   80T x 2500mm; £22,500.00 plus VAT
  • 100T x 3200mm; £24,650.00 plus VAT
  • 160T x 3200mm; £32,550.00 plus VAT

Optional Equipment

1. Two Axis 6.5” LCD CNC Control (X, Y) £3,485.00
Touch Screen CNC Control – CNC start/stop push buttons – Single or Auto Mode, nput of angle, material thickness, bending length will be used to calculate the depth value.  The depth value is depending on selected Top and Bottom Tool and Type of Material.  Library for tooling and Materials.  Programmable setting of Backguage and Depth Stops (no +/- push buttons as per standard features) Digital readout of actual Backguage and Depth Stops position.

2 Manual operated Anti Deflection Table (crowning) £845.00/M (i.e.3M pressbrake is 3 x £2,535.00)

3 Powered operated Anti Deflation Table (crowning) £1,270.00/M (i.e.3M pressbrake is 3 x £3,810.00)

4 Additional Tiltable Fingerblock for Backguage £190.00

5 Three Axis LCD CNC Control (X,Y,R) £5,595.00 including R-Axis


To enquire about this machine, call us on 01484 609000 or click here to complete the contact form

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