New Chester Initial Pinch Power Rollers

Chester Power Slip Rolls


  • Foot Pedal Operation
  • High Quality Rollers
  • Simple to use
Model Maximum Thickness Maximum Width Roller Diameter Motor Weight Dimensions
WR13X2.5 2.5mm 1300mm 90mm 1.5kw(2.01hp) 470kg 1800x640x1000mm
WR13X4.5 4.5mm 1300mm 120mm 2.2kw (2.9hp) 660kg 1810x640x1050mm
WR15X3.5 3.5mm 1300mm 120mm 2.2kw (2.95hp) 750kg 2060x640x1050mm
WR20X3.5 3.5mm 2020mm 127mm 4kw (5.36hp) 1100kg 2700x870x1300mm
WR13X6.5 6.5mm 1300mm 150mm 3kw (4.02hp) 1100kg 2820x870x134mm
WR20X2.5 2.5mm 2070mm 120mm 2.2kw (2.95hp) 1060kg 2820x870x130mm
WR20X3.5 3.5mm 2070mm 127mm 3kw (4.02hp) 1110kg 2820x870x130mm


New Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine

New Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine

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